“Before signing up for kickboxing classes at Memphis BJJ I had never taken a kickboxing class. The classes are a perfect mix of kickboxing moves and a cardio workout. One thing I really like it that you can get as good of a workout as you want, it all depends on how hard you are willing to push yourself. the instructors are also very motivating and want you to push yourself. Each instructor has a different way of teaching their class so you get a different workout with each class. Since signing up, I have gone down 2 pants sizes and I can tell my body is more toned.”
– Christie Hatch Padawer

“Fitness Kickboxing…it has changed my life. I feel STRONG! It kicks my butt every class, when I leave I feel great. I am stronger and really committed to my health…like never before. I can honestly say I am addicted and don’t know what I would do without these classes or my instructors!”
– Megan Binger

“I’ve been going to Memphis Fitness Kickboxing for almost a year now. In addition to weight loss results I’ve gained a renewed sense of self-confidence, mentally and physically. The environment and staff are super friendly and laid back. You’ll see people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. I always tell people — the class isn’t too hard or easy for anyone, you get out of it what you put in. It’s a constant game of how hard you can push yourself and I love it. The hardest part of making fitness a routine for yourself is getting to the gym. Once you do, the staff at MJJ will not let you down!”
– Tina Moore

“I started the fitness kickboxing class about a year ago and I love it! The classes are so full of energy! I would recommend the class to anyone who wants a good work out in a fun environment!”
– Danielle Nicole Stevens

“I would have never thought that kickboxing was going to be my kind of workout, but I was wrong. I grew up playing soccer and was talked into going to kickboxing as something to do with my friend. Well, after two weeks of classes I was absolutely hooked! I was pleasantly surprised to find that each class was different, and lot of fun. Instructors are excellent resource of fitness information, fantastic trainers and a superb motivator. They have their own unique style of training which makes it more challenging. I like the high energy feeling I get during the class. They teach you to focus and balance your body. After two years of training at Memphis Judo and Jujitsu I have lost weight and have arm and VERY STRONG Leg muscles, that I never had before. My kicks can be heard mile away LOL!!!”
– Sunny Pla

“I love the atmosphere at Memphis Fitness Kickboxing. You mix fun motivating instructors, hard work and get awesome results! I Love it!”
– Tamrra Dindle

“I’m 55 years old been going to MBJJ for 11/2years. Went from a 46 waist to a 34. Thanks to Blake,Tyler,Zach and everyone at MBJJ. Beware it’s addictive.”
– Arthur Back


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Memphis Fitness Kickboxing
Memphis Fitness KickboxingMay 18, 2024 @ 8:30am
Your goals are our goals! 🥊 Let's get fit TOGETHER. 💪💪⁠
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Memphis Fitness Kickboxing
Memphis Fitness KickboxingMay 16, 2024 @ 1:25pm
We take pride in offering a great workout for our members. 💪 Come try your first FREE class today and work on that physique with us! 😎

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Memphis Fitness Kickboxing
Memphis Fitness KickboxingMay 14, 2024 @ 12:30pm
Working on your abdominal muscles helps you in all aspects of physical health. From standing up straight, to looking good in that bathing suit, you won't look at ab workouts the same. 😎💪

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